Recycle Your Good Thoughts

Recycle Your Good Thoughts

Rebbe Nachman says that we shouldn’t pay any attention to your own conception of yourself, especially if your conception is negative. You must understand, he says, that every day you are an entirely new creation.

Each person is created anew every single day. Every day you start new. If you’re limited by your idea of who you are, throw it out the window.

Know and believe that you can start again. You can start over again today, you can start over again tomorrow. You can start over again as many times as you need.

If you’re feeling down and your thoughts are in a negative spiral, think back to the time you had a good thought about yourself. Perhaps you’ll remember a time when you thought kindly of yourself. Or had a moment where life felt right. Maybe you thought positively about Hashem. The secret is: Remember that good thought and recapture that feeling.

No good thought is every lost. Your good thoughts still exist in the spiritual world. Nothing ever goes to waste. Go back in your mind, retrieve that positive concept, that positive idea and think about it. Chew it over, repeat it to yourself. With this old-good thought you can start anew.

May you have a day that offers as many fresh starts as you want and need.

Today’s mini lesson is sponsored by Leah bas Sarah with gratitude to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for the refuah shleimah, from a childhood accident. May the Torah of Rebbe Nachman bring a refuah shleimah to all the cholim of Bnei Yisrael.