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Rediscovering Our God Awareness

by Dovid Mark

When the world was created, sparks of God consciousness became bound up with the Creation – locked within the seeming mundane space the Creator gave awareness to. These sparks, are in a sense the authentic root that rests within an object’s physical expression.

Our task while here is to reveal the root of Godliness held within physical world, retrieving the lost spark – returning it to its source.

Nothing is out of the bounds of the Creator’s rule.  These sparks may appear lost, but they are not.  Rather, they are merely hidden from “view.” The world as we see it, is only as Godly as we allow it to appear to ourselves. It is our decisions and expressions of connection to the Divine that transform our consciousness thus allowing us to understand the roots of the Godly intellect woven within the Creation.

When we pick up a fruit to say a blessing over it, we are returning the Godly expression to an active revelation within our world.  We are in a sense actualizing the Godliness within the Creation itself, because after all there is no true separation between the Creator and the Creation. This is the spark of consciousness – hidden only due to our own lack of God awareness.

The Baal Shem Tov discusses his understanding of the following passage in Tractate Brachot : “The only difference between this world and the Days of Moshiach is being under the rule of [non-Jewish] Kingdoms.”

He continues to explain that being under the rule of foreign kingdoms has caused our daas, consciousness/awareness to become restricted to the point where we cannot sense the Divine flow within the Creation. The Creation itself is the same, rather it is an individual’s awareness that is not. The agonizing inner exile means we cannot see the Divine source of all of Creation.

“It is only the Kingdom which is covering and is ruled by the forces which cover and hide the concepts of Divine direction from humanity. In the future era when the spirit of impurity is lifted from the Land, then Divine providence will be revealed through out – in every specific piece of the Creation.” – Baal Shem Tov, Keter Shem Tov

This is why Rebbe Nachman teaches that we must return these lost consciousnesses, because in doing so we are releasing these sparks that are at the root of our existence.  It is this act which allows us to see the world differently.

This is incumbent on each yid no matter where he is in the world and in a national sense inside the Land of Israel. The more endeavor the more we will leave the confines of our inner Galus and walk a path of true God awareness and redemption.

(Based on Likutey Moharan Tinyana Lesson 88, Likutey Halachot Birchat HaPeirot Halacha 5, Keter Shem Tov 46a, Likutey Moharan Lesson 1)



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