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Our Mission: Removing the Layers, Revealing the Divine

by Dovid Mark

The Creation is beautiful.

Its perfection and intricate complexities radiate and express the Divine will and yet so many of us have such a hard time seeing past the many layers that cover the Creator’s presence. This is our trauma, our conflict, and it’s why so many of us despite the beauty of our world remain disjointed and disconnected.

Within us there is a Divine voice, a cry that yearns to be heard. This cry is our soul – our infinite consciousness – “Look passed the veil of confusion, the covering of HaShem’s will and you will find yourself – your purpose.”

Within everything there is a Divine source that when uncovered releases it from the world’s constricted space and returns it back to where it had “fallen” from. That yearning, that Divine call from within ourselves seeks to uncovering the Creator hidden from behind the curtain of the world and yet we are too often trapped within the curtain ourselves to unbound the Creator’s will from within the world where it is trapped.

In this “fallen world” whose beauty is unparalleled, our mission is simple – to unlock and uncover the Divinity hidden within. We were sent down here, from a world that radiated clarity without limit and without separation in order to heed the memories locked inside of us and to reveal that same clarity and infinity we remember from before our descent here.

And this is why within the beauty of this world we feel a lacking and we believe this lacking is just us, forgetting that all of us came from another world, another construct where the Divine was open and we ourselves basked in its light.

All of us are sent here, sometimes asleep and sometimes awake, but all of us are sent here with a desire no matter how remote to rectify the universe and uncover the Lost Princess held within.  It is us who are on this mission and it is us who are required to complete it.  HaShem is hidden within the world itself and yearning for rectification and clarification in order to restore this fallen world to its source – if only we would could arouse ourselves to uncover him where ever we are.

(Based on Likutey Moharan Tinyana Lessons 39)





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