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Right On Time – True Trust In God

by Yossi Katz

Reb Nachman Tulchiner would recall the greatness of Reb Noson and how even while he was extremely poor, one could see no difference in his facial expression even after he finally received some money. However, after he prayed, the difference was obvious. One could see a different face! 

Once, two days before Pesach, Reb Noson’s daughter Chana Tzirel complained to him that it was almost Pesach and their house was empty. Reb Noson said to her, “My dear daughter, God will help!”

And so it was. God helped and a Breslover Chassid who lived far away became inspired to support Reb Noson. He thought to himself, “Who knows if Reb Noson has all his needs for Pesach?” He immediately filled his wagon with every necessity – potatoes, eggs, and every other Pesach item – and brought them to Reb Noson the day before the holiday.

During the Pesach Seder, Reb Noson was constantly thanking God for not abandoning them and granting their every need. In the middle of expressing his gratitude, he told his daughter, “When I said that God would help, I did not in any way mean that this Breslover Chassid would be my source of help.” Rather, Reb Noson placed his trust solely in God, knowing that one way or another, He would provide.

* *

Once Reb Noson overheard a Breslover Chassid complaining about how it was almost Pesach and he had nothing for the holiday. The Chassid said, “From where can I take [what I need] for Pesach?”

Reb Noson consoled him, “For Pesach, you will have what you need. But how do we grab on to the essence of Pesach itself?”

* *

Another time, when Reb Noson had nothing for Pesach, he observed how people began filling the barrels with water for the holiday. He began to dance with great joy and exclaimed, “Thank God! We already have water for the holiday!”

Based on Otzar Nachmeini, pp. 16-17

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