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Right On Time – True Trust In God

by Yossi Katz

The Pesach season is a very expensive time in Jewish life. From new Yom Tov clothing to special Pesach foods, things can get very costly.

In light of this, Reb Noson’s students asked a merchant who was traveling to market day in Breslov to bring Reb Noson money they had collected on his behalf. This fellow arrived at Reb Noson’s home in Breslov and entered along with a few Breslover Chassidim who had also come for market day.

In his usual style, Reb Noson spoke at length to them regarding the upcoming holiday and its deeper meaning according to Rebbe Nachman. He also instructed and inspired them to yearn, pray and petition God that they would merit to properly prepare for and receive the incredible spiritual energy available on Seder night. The visitors became extremely stirred and electrified by Reb Noson’s words and, in a great state of renewal, exchanged the usual Pesach greetings and departed .

While Reb Noson was busy inspiring them, he had not mentioned his own dire financial plight. His right-hand man, Reb Nachman Tulchiner, became very despondent and worried, knowing that the local Chassidim did not have the means to support Reb Noson and his family.

Reb Noson sensed his student’s worries and encouraged him. He explained that one must truly rely on God, since God provides for mankind using all kinds of circumstances in the most wondrous ways, until bounty finally reaches the person at the exact time it is needed. Sometimes His ways are so wondrous that the bounty is already “at home,” yet it goes out because the time is not yet ripe. (If the livelihood were to come earlier, it might be destructive to the person.)

While Reb Noson was explaining all this, the merchant came running back into the house to give Reb Noson the collection of monies.

Reb Nachman was incredibly impressed that in such dire circumstances, Reb Noson was able to maintain such a relaxed state of mind, as if he had been missing nothing at all. He then became extremely joyous and his face beamed at the outcome. Reb Noson then told him, “Nachman! Now you see that God saves us at exactly the right time – not before and not when it’s too late. You see that true trust in God is that salvation will come exactly on time!”

Based on Otzar Nachmeini, pp. 15-16

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Beryl March 16, 2017 - 4:45 pm

Wonderful lesson. Thank you for posting this.


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