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Rivka’s Holy Deception

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski
Rivka’s Holy Deception

In Parsha Toldot, we learn of the battle between Yaakov and Esav, a battle that is still continuing to this day. It is the battle between soul and body, form and matter, life and death.

Yaakov wanted a spiritual life. Esav wanted a material life. Their father Yitzchak, wanted to bless Esav with material blessings. He felt that if Esav had a lot of material abundance he would financially support ruchniut (spirituality.)

Rivka was a truth seeker with an uncanny ability to zero in on the bottom-line reality. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that Esav wanted only gashmiut, temporal material pleasures and possessions. He wanted the body and he wanted matter. He rejected life beyond this world.

This is why Rivka deceived Yizthak. She sent Yaakov to get the blessings in Esav’s stead. In this way, Rivka knew that Esav, who wouldn’t have every single material desire of his fulfilled, would have the chance to experience at least some spirituality.

May you have a day of spiritual and material blessings.

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