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Rosh Hashana with BRI

by breslov.org

Let’s Spend Rosh HaShana Together.

Are you looking for Rosh Hashana 2019 accommodations in Uman?

This year, stay in Uman with the Breslov Research Institute, pioneers of the Uman Experience for almost three decades. We offer two clean and comfortable hotel options, just a short stroll from Rebbe Nachman’s Tzion.

Our hotels offer 24 hour refreshments, private clean mikvahs, optional gourmet Shabbos & Yom Tov group meals, in-house Shul/Beis Medrash (optional Rosh HaShanah seat tickets still available) and much more.

Plus, enjoy our famous BRI Uman Kollel featuring inspiring world-class shiurim with many top English Breslov teachers. Past and present teachers such as Chaim Kramer, Gedale Fenster, Jonathan Rietti, Yossi Katz, Rav Elchonon Tauber, Meir Elkabas, Nasan Maimon, Ozer Bergman. We also offer historic tours of Uman with Gi Bashe, as well as musical performances.

2019 Prices—BOOK NOW—Last year was SOLD OUT

$599 per person for a bed in a room of 12 people.
$649 per person for a bed in a room of 8 people.
$1199 per person for a single bed in a deluxe room of 6 people.
$1299 per person for a single bed in a deluxe room of 4 people.
$300 surcharge for gourmet Rosh HaShanah and Shabbos meals in our private tent (7 meals included, food during the weekdays is provided free of charge in Uman by the Scheiner group.)

Click here to reserve now.

Spending Rosh HaShana with BRI is more than reserving a bed in a building for a few days.  It is the opportunity to join a family of lifelong friends and teachers and experience Rosh HaShana in a comfortable, inspirational, life-changing setting with people who can make the experience more meaningful.

Each year in Uman is the experience of a lifetime and an experience that can change your life!

We are here to assist you. For more information and help making your trip arrangements from a to z, please contact us.

Zvi Kramer (Israel)        Yossi Katz (North America)
+972-53-315-8007     (732)779-6684
[email protected]l    [email protected]

Please note, regular rooms during Rosh HaShana have bunk beds. Regular beds are only available by request for those who book entire rooms.

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Richard Steven Dembs August 8, 2019 - 3:53 pm

Is it possible to just daven with you? How much?.+

Richard Steven Dembs August 8, 2019 - 3:55 pm

Can i just daven with you and i so how much?7


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