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Sacred Time – A New Beginning – Shavuot

by Yehudis Golshevsky
Sacred Time – A New Beginning – Shavuot

Sacred Time Sivan #2

A New Beginning

It is customary to read the book of Ruth on Shavuos. Rav Nosson cites an explanation for this from the sages and then applies it to our personal service of G-d. When the Torah was given, the entire Jewish people were like converts. This was a very exciting time; it was the very beginning of our relationship with Hashem as keepers of His Torah. We read about Ruth since she left everything behind to cleave to Hashem through her conversion.

On Shavuos we renew our deep, unbreakable connection with Hashem. We attain a fresh outlook and open our eyes. We begin to move towards an enhanced view of the spiritual side of life. We become like a newborn child, clear in our goals and positive. Even though we encounter difficulties and fall, we attain the staying power to keep getting up. When a toddler falls, does he sit in the dust feeling sorry for himself? Despite disappointment, his goal to walk remains fixed in his mind’s eye, and he keeps trying until he gets there. Giving up doesn’t even enter his mind.

This renewal gives us the energy to keep trying, no matter what happens. Even if I fall a million times I know that Hashem (and in a sense His Torah) want me to pick myself up, dust off and keep doing whatever I can.

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