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Sacred Time: It’s Never Too Late – Adar 7

by Yehudis Golshevsky

Adar 7

It’s Never Too Late

“…And they made it a day of feasting and joy.” (Esther 9:18)

Rebbe Nachman’s daughter Sarah got married in Medvedevka right after Purim. Reb Nosson made the long journey to Medvedevka for the wedding, only arriving toward the end of Purim. After a very trying journey, he was so exhausted that he really couldn’t rejoice as one should on the holiday. Although he had made it in time to Medvedevka to be with the Rebbe for Purim itself and the upcoming wedding, he didn’t have the energy to really enjoy it.

The next day he voiced his feelings to Rebbe Nachman, that he felt that his joy on Purim that year was sorely lacking. Rebbe Nachman answered, “Shushan Purim [the day that is added in ancient walled cities like Jerusalem] is also Purim. It is also a mitzvah to be happy on Shushan Purim. By rejoicing today, you can make up for the joy you missed yesterday.”

This short but sweet teaching is very near to the hearts of Breslovers: It is never, ever too late. We are never lost since despair does not exist. If you didn’t manage to do it exactly right the first time, you can make up for the loss by investing yourself in the next opportunity.

I have the human tendency to believe that I can ruin things, but not fix them. The truth is the opposite. It is impossible to corrupt the spiritual gains that I’ve made, no matter what. And every bit of damage, even the worst, will certainly be rectified if I only stay positive, do whatever good I can, and avoid making the mistake from now on.


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