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The Secret Weapon

by Dovid Mark

The evil kingdom spreads its shadow across the world.  Jew and and non-Jew alike are pulled within its grasp.  Chaos is growing.  Hate and anger is displacing Love and kindness, even in the most stable of places.

We grow nervous in America, while the Land of Israel continues to become surrounded by its physical enemies.

The evil kingdom of Haman-Amalek, the most powerful component of Eisav’s rulership at the End of Days sows doubt, distraction, and disconnect within everyone.  By way of smartphones, social media, and power imagery, this shadowy kingdom knows how to pull the Jews away from its destiny.

So how do we win a war against such evil?

We have a weapon that this kingdom of falsehood and deceit cannot match.


Yet, how do we break through the darkness of our surroundings, the hum of our phones, the noise of our notifications?

It is time to put down our phones, computers, and tablets for as long as it takes and walk out to the quiet of the night or the stillness of the day outside in the field or forests.

And speak to Hashem.

This is Rebbe Nachman’s main lesson for all of us.  He saw ahead to our time more than 200 years ago and understood that our war despite having physical enemies would be mostly fought on the battlefield of our personal lives.

Yishmael might be the foot soldiers, but it is still the emptiness of Eisav that has pulled us away from ourselves.

Rebbe Nachman teaches in the second lesson of Likutey Moharan  that the main weapon of Moshiach is prayer.  In the Abridged Likutey Moharan, it teaches that this weapon is not just for Moshiach, but for all of us – after all we are his army.

So with chaos raging and old norms falling away, our way must be with prayer, it is our most sacred and powerful weapon.

Are you ready?


מאמרים קשורים

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