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by Yehudis Golshevsky

Hold On! Share the Wealth
Meshivat Nefesh #46
It’s not always so easy for me to encourage myself, but I do find it fairly easy to encourage others. That’s because, “A person in prison can’t free himself”—my friend is in the prison of her own situation and the key is outside of her cell. She can’t reach it to open her own door, but I can.

Rebbe Nachman taught that something special happens when we make an effort to help someone else out of their negative state. We come up with new ideas, words, strategies to help them…and then discover later on that our hearts have opened and we’re not in the same place that we were before either. In helping others, we’ve actually saved ourselves.
Dear God,
Please provide me with good, listening ears,
an open heart and an active mind
to be creative and helpful when I find a person who is stuck and far from You.
Fill me with good ideas to help them,
no matter how far down they’ve fallen.
And please help me, so that the openings I’ve shared
will also lead me back to You when I need to find my way.
(Based on Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom #120)

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