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Just 3 Spots Left! – Siddur Project

by Yossi Katz


We are ever so close to the finish line! There are a total of just 3 dedication opportunities remaining. The Siddur is a groundbreaking project that will open up the traditional text in a way that will allow the user to connect to HaShem like never before. The prayers are sure to become warm, inspiring and accessible.

You can sponsor these prayers by making as many as ten monthly contributions. Every partner will receive a beautiful special custom edition leather-bound Siddur with their dedication text printed inside. Please help us complete this project and bring tremendous merit to your life or in honor of a loved one.


(Click to dedicate or email us)

$1000 – Dedicates Kaddish Titkabel – Prayer that all of our prayers are accepted Above. May your prayers always be answered for the good!
$1800 – Dedicates Kedusha – “The world is maintained by the Kedushah ” (Sot. 49a)  Rise to the level of the Heavenly Angels.
$2500 – Dedicates the Evening Prayer/Ma’ariv – Demontrates our Emunah/Faith even during periods of darkness. May we always feel HaShem with us, even when He seems hidden.

You could be the one to have the merit of finishing this project.

For more information email us or call 732-534-7263

מאמרים קשורים


Gil Bashe June 26, 2013 - 3:32 am

Dear BRI Friends,

Congratulations on this outstanding effort — to bring Rabbeinu’s Siddur to English speakers. Your efforts to raise the funds necessary will benefit countless others! Yasher Koach Gadol Me’od!

John Goldberg May 22, 2014 - 8:24 pm

It really would be wonderful if it included the prayer for the stste of Isreal and the prayer for IDF soldiers. I have been to Uman,learn Rabbenus Torah and believe its all from HaShem and for the best. I have children in the IDF snd for me as a Breslover Chasid would really love to see these prayers included.. I believe that Rabbenu is an advocate for our country and Army.everything is from HaShem, the good and not good and we need to be thankful for this and work to improve it and ourselves and embrace the reality that HaShem has given us.

Yisroel Tzion July 22, 2014 - 3:38 pm

I would respectfully disagree. While I love all of my Breslov brothers, their is a reason why all traditional Siddurim did not include prayers for the zionist medina. The vast majority of Poskim, Ravs and Rebbe’s prior to 1948 were vehemently opposed to any form of a zionist state as it is a direct violation of the 3 oaths. The Halachah has not changed with the advent of the medina. The Brisker Rav said, “Two things are certain: 1) Zionism is idolatry, and 2) every Jew living in Eretz Yisroel stumbles in Zionism.” (Uvdos Vehanhagos Leveis Brisk, v. 4 p. 197) The Chazon Ish once said to Rabbi Ahron Katzenellenboigen, “The reason Jews are so confused by the Zionist state is that the state is the 50 gates of defilement. To overcome this we need the 50 gates of holiness. Since the 50th gate of holiness is hidden from us, therefore the confusion is so great, for we cannot stand up against the 50 gates of defilement of the state.” (Mishkenos Haro’im p. 1195) While we pray for the welfare of all Yidden, to insert a prayer for a political entity that openly opposed HaShem and his Torah from its creation and still continues to fight against and undermind Torah Judaism would be a tragic mistake by misleading English speaking Jews using this Siddur to assume the state is kosher.


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