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Siyum Tomorrow Night

by Yossi Katz

Based on the latest weather updates as of now the Siyum will start on time at 6PM tomorrow. We will continue to follow the weather but it doesn’t seem like more than rain and heavier winds up into tomorrow night.

Please make an effort to arrive on time so that we can begin and finish as early as possible.

We congratulate our 500 participants!

As an extra added attraction we will have a fantastic collection of Israeli paintings for sale at the dinner. This collection is an exclusive collection of 3 renowned artists from Israel whose works are in the private collections of art connoisseurs and collectors around the world. Included in this collection are the powerful and spiritual paintings of Rav Yisrael Yitzchok Besanson, world renowned artist, Rosh Yeshiva and Breslover Chassid in Israel.

The gallery travels to France, Belgium, England & New York annually and we are fortunate to have them with us this weekend for our dinner. The gallery has agreed to give a portion of the proceeds of each sale to our organization.

For more information about the artists and the art collection feel free to call Avi Polinsky of YOUR ARTS DESIRE, LLC 718-237-9077. or 917-804-8512

We look forward to greeting you personally on Sunday.

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