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The Source of Our Cosmic Exile

by Dovid Mark

What is the source of our cosmic exile? Dovid Mark starts a series of mini classes on exile and redemption. Based on Likutey Moharan Lesson 7.

IN-DEPTH: Rebbe Nachman teaches that the source of all exile is a lack of emunah – the pure simple faith in personal and national Divine Providence. Emunah drives our ability to speak directly to the Creator and ultimately tweak and change the perceived “natural order” of the universe. When there is a shift in the static Creation this is a miracle.

The challenge is that exile is essentially a cycle of more and more self doubt in our ability to break our of the confinement of our own perception.  This confinement is a restrictive lens covering our ability to truly believe and cultivate our emunah in a real authentic way.

In order to reverse this paradigm we must begin to look at the world through eyes of emunah and in a sense exercise our Divine capability to prayer and speak directly to the Creator thus transforming our mundane reality to one of open miracles.

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