Meir Elkabas on finding your marriage partner.

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  1. I listened to this audio shiur yesterday on my commute home and found it to be very insightful. Especially the part about how a husband is chochma and a wife is binah and how both components are needed in the decision making process. Thanks again for posting this. I look forward to listening to future shiurim!

  2. Ricardo Zarco Reply


    Thanks for so fresh and inspiring lesson about relationships…..about husband and wife…..and about the walls of life….about water…about 9+1…1

    Big hug from Portugal

  3. I am a friend of debbie shapiro(womantalk)and Rav Dovid, and paid for 2 of these friends to pray for me at Uman. in the 8 years, incredible changes have due to Hashem and learning from the Shapiro family and being matched with a child of holocaust adult child rabbi in a frum shul near my home. 3 nites ago, after much teacher planing for learning disabled stds. i tutor. i am a retired special needs tchr. coming home from the bookstore, in a very high on rabbi nachman’s guidance to tutor yemenite boy of 6 as a mitzvah, i met a breslover who said he’s been looking to find a wife. his shul is Karlbach and he made it clear he wanted to get married, we talked an hour about many of Rav Nachman’s stories and parshas and he said he’d like to get married. I really felt this man Aryeh Friedland a bit scarey, he said some things re his geneology which stunned me, and talked about paranormal events re Rabbi’s contact with a friend . he also said he had studied with aryeh kaplan for a lengthy time and urged me to meet him shabas at the shul, where he borrowed rav Karlbach’s book,life of Rabbi Nachman. He may be aged 38, and said he’s teaching physical ed, and independently holding a men’s only kabbah swimming class. i’ve contributed to the breslov for prayers, debbie was still affiliated with the breslov in jerusalem. she is ill now with Parkinson’s we don’t speak as frequently but she has visited me twice in nyc,she is an authentic, charismatic lady and because of her i’ve returned to orthodox judaism. i have also been in contact with Rav Avraham Greenbaum, who was in nyc and lectured at the Karlbach shul on the Kabbalah of money. since retiring from nyc teaching, i’ve been inactive due to poor health. The building had an enormous gas pipe holes, i’m living in a galley kitchen with asbestos tiling,which i need to hire a private licensed contractor. the floor i’ had installed c ontains formaldehyde. ergo, i have been having balance difficulties, and dizziness, symptoms due to the gas leaking for 10 years and i pray daily and do hitbodidut 3 times each week. can you contact me via phone or email. i’d like to have a phone consultation and request you fill me in about fees. all the best sheila

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