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Spread Rebbe Nachman’s Rosh HaShanah Message

by breslov.org

Dear Friend of the Breslov Research Institute,

Rebbe Nachman made a bold, revolutionary statement more than two hundred years ago. He said, “My Rosh HaShanah is greater than everything… My very essence is Rosh HaShanah!” (Tzaddik #403).

This means Rebbe Nachman’s Rosh HaShanah is incredibly relevant to you.

To all of us.

The powerful message of Rebbe Nachman’s Rosh HaShanah is that this year can be different. This year we can begin anew and do things right this time around. And the Rebbe shows us how. The Rebbe gives us the tools we need to take that big first step forward and encourages us along the way until we reach the finish line.

Rebbe Nachman’s teachings and advice help us live each moment as it comes. They help us exult in a new life of simplicity and goodness as we merit making the best of what life presents to us.

And this is what Rosh HaShanah is really all about.

For over thirty years, the Breslov Research Institute has taken the leading role in disseminating this message to the English speaking world. Thank God, we’ve published over 70 well-received works. Recently, we published the 30 years in the making – 15 volume first-ever English translation and commentary on Likutey Moharan. The first volume of Rebbe Nachman on Tehillim (Psalms) is at the press and the first volume of the Breslov Siddur will be ready shortly.

But there’s still so much more to do.

Whether it’s creating new book titles like Likutey Halachot and self-help books, an online Breslov learning university or important mega events and Shabatons, BRI is gearing up for a major campaign during the course of the next year. We’ve already begun cultivating a large volunteer base. Throughout the upcoming year, we’ll keep you updated about our plans and the amazing projects ahead.

As we close out this year, we ask you to please take part of this important mission and mitzvah. We’ve set a goal of raising $10,000 to meet our day-to-day expenses for the end of the year. We also offer you many opportunities to place a dedication in one of our exciting forthcoming titles. Whether you can give $1,800, $1000, $500, $360, $180, $72, $36 or anything you can afford, your contribution is crucial to help put Rebbe Nachman’s powerful advice in front of a new generation of English speakers throughout the world.

It’s our hope that you join us in a new year of sharing Rabbe Nachman’s vital message with not only ourselves, but with Jews of all types. In the merit of your generosity and tzadakah, may you be written and sealed in the book of the true Tzadikim for a year of good life and peace, Amen!

Update: We have already reached 40% of our goal, please join in and make this a great success! The sharing of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings requires your partnership, there is so much that we can accomplish together!





Rabbi Chaim Kramer, Founder & Director

Rabbi Yossi Katz, U.S. Executive Director

Rabbi Gil Bashe, Chairman, BRI Advisory Board

P.S. As a token of our appreciation, we’ll send you a first copy of our new title, Rebbe Nachman and You: A Guide to Achieving Your Personal Best, for any donation over $180. It’s our way of thanking you for your crucial support of spreading Rebbe Nachman’s teachings in their original expression to the English-speaking world.

P.P.S. Please take the time to watch this short video and learn why people are volunteering and sharing their personal resources to benefit this great cause.




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