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Stand Firm!

by Yehudis Golshevsky

Hold On! Stand Firm!
Meshivat Nefesh #27
I remember being told when I was young that it wasn’t good to be stubborn, that’s it’s a character flaw. But Rebbe Nachman taught that, when it comes to Divine service, sometimes you have to be a “big akshan”—really stubborn.

So instead of thinking of it as stubbornness, maybe it’s better to think of it as persistence, tenacity, firmness, or resolve. Whatever I choose to call it, I’m going to need to have that capacity within me, because the life of the spirit is filled with natural ups and downs. And during the downs, I need to be able to stand firm and stick to my principles, no matter what…I’m going to need to be a big akshan!
Everlasting God,
Please fill me with the positive persistence
that I need to follow the spiritual path that I set for myself.
Good intentions are not enough to see me through,
and sometimes the obstacles that I face are enough
to make me want to give up.
Please strengthen my resolve
and help me to stand firm,
when firmness is needed.
(Based on Likutey Moharan II:48)

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