Dear Friends of BRI and Uman Travelers,

Rosh HaShanah is once again around the corner!

With great satisfaction, we have been privileged to host an incredible chevra at our two Uman hotels: the BRI Uman “Ritz Carton” & the Imperial.  Additionally, we have once again set-up a comfortable, spacious, heated tent for catered Shabbos and Yom Tov group meals. We also have an incredible lineup of shuirim, musical events, local tours planned as part of the BRI Uman Kollel; a great on-site Minyan, a state of the art, frequently cleaned mikvah and around the clock refreshments – all as part of the welcoming Uman with BRI atmosphere. Each of our comfortable, clean hotel rooms features a private bathroom and shower. Pictures are provided below.

This year, we are also offering a bed & mikvah only options for those who wish to make their own arrangements.

As you are a dear friend of Breslov Research, we want to extend this opportunity to you before we sell out.  Please visit, call 732-534-7263, or email to book. Various price options are available.

Your hosts,
Chaim Kramer, Zvi Kramer, Gil Bashe & Yossi Katz

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  1. Reuven Atlas Reply

    Sholom, Yossi. Looking forward to full bed, mikva and food.
    Only arriving Erev Rosh Hashono morning.
    ????? ????

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