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Take A Stand!

by Yehudis Golshevsky

A Sacred Time

Sivan 4

The letter associated with Sivan is zayin; it has a numerical value of seven since it is the seventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The deeper works point out that Moshe was the seventh generation of the G-dly revelation of the Jewish people, beginning with Abraham.

Our beloved forefather Avraham taught every person an essential lesson in Divine service. The verse states, “Abraham was one”—he was known as Avraham Ha’Ivri not only because he was a “Hebrew,” a grandson of Ever, but because he lived a life of total moral and spiritual independence. “The entire world stood on one side of the river, and he was across [mei’ever] the other side of it.”

Rebbe Nachman explains that every person must be willing to face the entire world to do what he knows is right. This is the spiritual inheritance of Avraham—to have the courage to follow the right path even if the entire world ranges itself against you. When the goal is real, is true, our spark from Avraham is what empowers us to follow it no matter what obstacles we face. All of those seven generations of tzaddikim walked Avraham’s path until they culminated in Moshe, the deliverer of the Torah itself.

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