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Take Advantage Of Your Opportunities

by Yehudis Golshevsky

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…

“Nowadays, there are many printing presses, and they are always publishing many Torah works. Even simple people now own many books, which would have been unthinkable in earlier times. This helps to ensure that the Torah will not be forgotten from among the Jewish people. The sages predicted that it would be forgotten, but the easy availability of Torah works can prevent it from coming to pass.

“Nevertheless, just owning the books is not enough; one can have a house full of books, but in our times there are many people who own a large number of books but who do not learn them. The Torah will only be retained if people learn the books that they have!”

(Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom, #18)


What does this mean to me?

We see in this lesson that G-d may provide us with the means to save ourselves from a bad situation, but He does not force us to make use of them. While the potential to improve our lot might be in our hands, we still us make the choice and the effort to take advantages of the opportunities that have been given to us.


A prayer:

Please, G-d,
provide the Jewish people
with many new Torah works,
and make them available to us,
and help us to have faith in trust in their authors.
Give us the strength to study them,
to give credence to them all,
and in this way
we will be able to repair all that is necessary
within our souls.

(Based on Likutei Tefillos I:61)

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