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Teachings from Rebbe Nachman’s To Find A Soulmate

by Yossi Katz

1. “Whoever has difficulty finding a marriage partner should recite the Shir at Ha Yam” (The Aleph-Bet Book, Marriage Bl). Shirat HaYam is the Song of Salvation (Exodus 15) composed by Moses and the Jews after they crossed the Red Sea. The Talmud (Sotah 2a) compares the difficulties in finding a mate to the difficulties of splitting the Red Sea. Thus the Song of Salvation, which recalls how these difficulties were overcome, helps one to overcome the “Red Sea” of finding a partner.

2. “Reciting the Blessing of the New Moon is particularly propitious for finding one’s match” (The Aleph-Bet Book, Marriage, B2).

3. “So is reciting the Sacrifices of the Princes of the Twelve Tribes” (Numbers 7) {Ibid., Marriage, B6).

4. “Intense prayer can help a person find his marriage partner” (Advice, Marriage, 1).

5. “When we acknowledge G-d and praise Him, it helps those in need of marriage partners to find their mates. The same is true of studying the Code of Jewish Law” (Advice, Marriage, 4). The Hebrew word for Codes is HaLaKhah (????). This is the same as HaKaLaH (????), a bride.

6. “Immorality makes it hard for a person to find a marriage partner” (Advice, Marriage, 5; see Rabbi Nachman’s Tikkun).



1. Selected teachings from Rebbe Nachman’s works to help a person find a mate.

2. The Matchmaker – Likutey Moharan (11:89), Rebbe Nachman offers a very novel approach to finding one’s mate.

3. Prayer For A Soul Mate

4. The Shadchan’s Chair – The mystery of uncovering the true shadchan