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Thank you for supporting our Pesach Campaign!

by Zvi Kramer

Dearest Friends,

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to assist over 510 needy families of Breslover Chasidim in the Holy Land with a suitable amount of support for holiday expenses.

You were a full partner for everyone who entered the holiday with ease, and because of you, smiles were abundant.

There’s a well-known story about Reb Noson: one year, on the eve of Pesach, he faced particularly difficult circumstances and had no provisions for the holiday. His household asked him, “Father, what will become of Pesach?” His response was, “For Pesach, there will be. The question is, how will we approach Pesach itself?”

This question is meant to ignite our desire and longing for this wonderful holiday, during which we can merit true freedom and complete redemption.

May it be the Divine Will that, thanks to your wonderful contributions, we all truly merit a Passover of true freedom and complete redemption very soon, Amen.

(For those who have not yet participated, you can still do so by clicking here)

Wishing everyone a kosher and joyous Pesach,

Zvi Kramer, son of Reb Chaim Kramer, on behalf of the entire BRI team

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