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The Answer To Uncertainty

by Yossi Katz

It is of absolute benefit to thrown yourself onto God and to rely on Him completely.

As each day begins, I place my every movement, and that of my children and of all those who rely on me, in God’s hands, asking that everything goes as God would want it, and this is of absolute benefit.

Because of this, one need not worry about whether or not he is doing the right thing because he is relying on God and God will run things the proper way.  Whatever He desires, I have already asked that I do only His will.

Before each Shabbat or festival, I also place my observance in God’s hands, asking that it all be  as He would wish. I can then celebrate it without worrying that I am perhaps not doing something properly. I am completely reliant on God, and everything  is in His hands (see “His Wisdom” #238).

Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom – Sichot HaRan #2

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