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The Choice Is Yours

by Meir Elkabas

In Likutey Moharan lesson 36 Rebbe Nachman emphasizes that Hashem grants individuals the power of free will to channel Divine energy from above into our world. Hashem entrusts us with the authority to shape this energy according to our will and desires. You, with your own intentions and choices, determine how to harness the energy sent by Hashem – whether it will manifest as a blessing or a curse.

The Rebbe points out that the opening verse of this week’s Torah portion, “Behold, I am setting before you today the blessing and the curse”, hints at this concept. Hashem presents the choice before each person, laying it out as an opportunity. It’s within your domain to transform this energy into either a blessing or a curse – the power is in your hands. Your intentions, your desires and yearnings, play a crucial role in how this Divine energy shapes your life.

This notion aligns with the modern understanding that your mindset significantly influences outcomes. If you maintain a positive, determined attitude and believe in your ability to overcome challenges, you’re more likely to succeed. This echoes Rebbe Nachman’s teaching: Hashem presents the energy before you, and your free will determines whether it will uplift or hinder you. The energy responds to your intentions.

The power is in your hands to transform this energy into either a blessing or a curse

Therefore, it’s essential for a person to cultivate positive yearnings and desires, actively expressing them daily. By doing so, you align yourself with positive energy. Maintaining positivity, while being honest about your actions and circumstances, is key. The Rebbe emphasizes the importance of staying positive and fostering good intentions. While acknowledging shortcomings, focusing on the positive helps channel the energy in a beneficial direction.

However, succumbing to negative thoughts and proclaiming that change is impossible, or that everything is working against you, presents a challenge to your free will. If you align with negativity, the energy that’s about to flow can indeed be turned into a negative force. Nevertheless, there are instances when Hashem intervenes, recognizing your inner desire for good despite outward negativity. Hashem guides individuals toward the positive path, even if they momentarily express negativity. This intervention transforms the energy into a blessing.

In essence, Rebbe Nachman’s teaching underscores the profound impact of your intentions on the energy that surrounds you. Your free will and desires hold the power to determine whether this energy shapes your life positively or negatively.

Shabbat Shalom!

Meir Elkabas

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