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The coming of Moshiach – PART 11

by Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Rosenfeld

This is the symbol of the moment of Moshiach’s coming. Leprosy is fatal, a small drop, a small bit of this evil that can do so much harm that we should fear so much. Yet this evil will spread like a cancer. It will cover cities, states, countries, all societies. When it spreads throughout the entire world and it seems that it is completely hopeless, the world enmity emerges out of this problem, at that moment of complete darkness — everything turns so dark and so black, at that moment the greatest light will shine. There will be a declaration tahor hu. The world is now pure. Moshiach will come now to reveal the purity of the world, to remove this cover — this evil covering and start over with the beauty, the radiance of the Jews, the Torah and the truth coming forward to rule once more and to rule forever, to eradicate all these evils.


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