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All Day-by-Day Audio Podcasts

by breslov.org

Following are the 10 separate podcasts – each on a different Breslov book from the Day-by-Day set, as well as the all-inclusive 11th daily podcast for those interested in doing all 10 books. Choose from the following list what podcast you’d like to follow:

Tzaddik, A Portait of Rabbi Nachman

The Aleph-Bet Book

Kitzur (Abridged) Likutey Moharan

Rabbi Nachman’s Stories

Outpouring of the Soul

Restore My Soul

Reb Noson’s Letters – Year 2

Reb Noson’s Letters – Year 1

Shemot Hatzaddikim – Names of the Tzaddikim

The 50th Gate – Likutey Tefilot

Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom

A Daily Dose of Rebbe Nachman – all 10 books

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