One of the worst things in life a person can face is when they have a problem—and they don’t know how to get out of the problem.  It could be a medical problem, a business problem or a relationship problem. Whatever it is, one or two or three courses of action may lie in front of you and you know you have to make a choice, but you’re not sure which choice is the right one.

Which option is actually going to solve the problem?

The way Hashem created the world is that there is a solution to every single problem, but for us, with our limited understanding and our limited vision, the solution is often not clear.

Reb Noson says that the worst of all these problems and conflicts that we have, is when we really, genuinely want to draw closer to Hashem and we’re not sure how to pull out of the spiritual exile we’re in.  We don’t know which path is right for us.  He tells us the remedy is to believe in the true Torah Sages and their teachings.  What does this mean? He spells it out for us: Respecting the entire range of authentic Torah teachings and not dissing any of them.

Reb Noson tells us that we shouldn’t look down on a particular work or a particular path just because we feel it’s not for us. We have so many holy books and holy, holy teachings in this world. These holy books are what actually bring about the sweetening of harsh judgments which are the root-source of all our problems.  When we have faith in the Torah Sages and we have faith that their teachings are holy, we can begin to seek and find the guidance we need to solve our problems.

I wish you a day in which the solutions to the problems in your life become apparent.

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Today’s mini-lesson is dedicated to BRI Women by Efrat bat Malka.



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Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Chaya Rivka in her own words: What do we want? To feel less pain and more optimism. To be happy and lead meaningful lives. This all requires healthy relationships. If we learn, share, and live his teachings, Rebbe Nachman gives us real, practical tools to improve all our relationships—with G-d, with ourselves, and with each other. Chaya Rivka Zwolinski “discovered” Rebbe Nachman in her late thirties and credits his profound wisdom with helping her make a 180 degree-turn in life. She loves sharing Breslov teachings with women in her classes and workshops. Chaya Rivka has written books; writes articles for,,, and numerous other publications; is a consultant to Breslov Research Institute; and is the director of curriculum and program marketing at She lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY.

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