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The Emeser Emes–Rebbe Nachman’s Remedies

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Once, Reb Noson, Rebbe Nachman’s leading student and scribe, was offered the job of chief Rabbi in a nearby region.  His father-in-law was pressuring him to take the job because it was a prominent position and would have given him not only prestige, but also a very, very good income.  But Reb Noson’s heart wasn’t really in it.  He wasn’t sure he should take the job because he wasn’t sure that this was the truest way for him to serve Hashem.

So because he wasn’t sure what to do, he went to Rebbe Nachman and asked him: Should I take the job?

Why not? asked Rebbe Nachman. Being a chief rabbi, that’s a pretty big deal, it’s a good thing.

But is it the emes, is it the true, right, correct thing to do? Reb Noson asked.

Rebbe Nachman said again, Well, why not?

But Reb Noson felt that he needed more of an answer. He asked, Rebbe, is it the emeser emes?  Is what you’re saying the real truth?  Is it the truest truth?

You want the emeser emes? said the Rebbe.  The emeser emes is that you should definitely not take the job of chief Rabbi.

Later in life, Reb Noson would speak about this and he would rejoice and thank Hashem that he followed the Rebbe’s advice. Because he did, throughout his whole life he was able to serve Hashem in the truest way possible, and this brought him very great joy.

May you have a day, where you serve Hashem with the emeser emes.

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