A beautiful audio rendition of Rabb Nachman’s Story: The Exchanged Children

Listen and Enjoy!

  • Track 1
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec1.wma”] Download
  • Track 2
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec2.wma”] Download
  • Track 3
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec3.wma”] Download
  • Track 4
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec4.wma”] Download
  • Track 5
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec5.wma”] Download
  • Track 6
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec6.wma”] Download
  • Track 7
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec7.wma”] Download
  • Track 8
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec8.wma”] Download
  • Track 9
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec9.wma”] Download
  • Track 10
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec10.wma”] Download
  • Track 11
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec11.wma”] Download
  • Track 12
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec12.wma”] Download
  • Track 13
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec13.wma”] Download
  • Track 14
    [powerpress url=”http://breslov.org//audio/ec14.wma”] Download

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  1. Yossi Katz

    It is an older production of the Breslov Research Institute. I hope to put out another track ever day or two.

  2. Yaakov Grant Reply

    Looking forward to playing in this at home.

    Are there any more downloads in the pipeline ?

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