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The Goal

by Yehudis Golshevsky

BRI’s NarrowBridge.Org sends out twice weekly inspiration providing a regular dose of hope, meaning and courage. These emails include small doses of Rebbe Nachman’s wisdom, enabling us to get through the week in a more spiritual way. 

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…


I came into the world to bring Jewish souls close to G-d.”
(Tzaddik, #307)


What does this mean to me?


Rebbe Nachman taught his followers to always stay focused on the tachlis—the ultimate purpose of our existence, the end to which everything tends. This is the essence of the tzaddik’s mission in life—to help us stay as constantly aware of the tachlis as he is.

A prayer:


Almighty G-d,
You created the world
so that we could come close to You.
Indeed, this is our greatest good
and our true goal.
Help me keep away from anything
that diverts or distracts me from this goal.
During my life
I have become so lost
that I wonder whether my days
can really be called living at all.
And so, I beg You, help me
turn and direct myself towards You
for a truly good life.
Please help me achieve my purpose
and fulfill what You desire for me.
Guide me to do what is good
and reject the bad
so that my life will be worthwhile.
May everything I do
lead me along the path towards You..

(Between Me and You, p. 22)

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Your Feedback:

I don’t usually respond to the messages, but Baruch Hashem they always come at the right time. Thanks!

This is all I can think of: that Moshiach will come speedily in our days. I love this “Rabbi of old,” who is spreading emunah all around the world! L-rd, may it begin with me.

Thanks for uplifting so powerfully with technology!

Speaking “informally” with Hashem daily for at least an hour has changed my life. Any day that I am “too busy” to take the hour is not nearly at the same wonderful level as the days when I do it. I highly encourage everyone to do her/his hisbodedus on a regular basis and see their life change for the better.

Our souls comes from a world where there is more good than evil. Our material world contains more evil than good. An additional reason why are souls descend to this lowest of worlds is to again balance out the good against the evil. Only when such a balance exists, can true freedom of choice happen, where we can contrast equally the one against the other.

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