The Greatest way to glorify Hashem’s Name

If someone would ask me, what would be the greatest way to glorify Hashem’s Name, what would I answer?
Maybe my giving tremendous amounts of charity would venerate Him in the eyes of the world? Perhaps to dedicate my life solely to the service of Him would? Could be to die for His name?

Reb Nachman provides us with an interesting answer. “The exaltation of Hashem is that even those who are very, very far from Him also draw near to His service. Through this His name is honored and elevated above and below.”
This is the greatest honor I can bestow upon my creator. When I, however far I think I am, get closer to Him too. Especially if I think that I’m very far. Much more so if I think that I fall into the category of very, very far.
Sometimes, I might despair of ever properly serving Hashem. I feel that I’ve gotten into such bad habits and routines, that I just can’t get out. I might even fell that I’m always unsuccessful at whatever I try, maybe as a retribution for all of my sins.
But I can never give up hope. On the contrary, the elevation and praise of Hashem will come chiefly from someone like me, who’s so far right now.

Based on Meshivas Nefesh 2

By Ephraim Portnoy