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The Land of Emunah

by Dovid Mark

Rebbe Nachman teaches that each of our souls is rooted in the world of Emunah, yet this Emunah is buried deep within, waiting to be uncovered and revealed.

The whole purpose of our world, our descent to this universe of layers upon layers is for us to bring the Geulah – both in an individual sense and global sense.  Inside each one of us is an infinite set of tools to redeem the “letters of Creation” hidden within this world.

Each yid must strive to uplift the Creation and to reveal its Divine root.  The ultimate expression of Geulah – of the ability to refine Creation is in the Land of Israel where each time we acquire more land we bring a Geulah in both the individual and global paradigms.

Our settlement of Israel is an act of temurah, exchange – releasing the sparks of holiness trapped within the ground and revealing the Godliness that was “dormant” at that spot.  This transaction is the ultimate act of Emunah, faith in the Creator and his will that is bound up within each of us and the Land of Israel itself.

With the growing lack of Emunah flooding the world, the need for us to dig into the Land of Israel and redeem it is the key for us to find that part of ourselves that is hiding the gateway to our cosmic letters and our root to the world above, the world of Emunah.

(Based on Likutey Moharan 173; Likutey Halachot Karkaot; Degel Machaneh Efraim Parsha BeHar)


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