The miracles of Purim and now again in 5781 Then and now

The miracles of Purim and now again in 5781 Then and now
The miracle of Purim is back again!!!

This year too!!!

How can we be joyful when there is so much misery all around?

How can we feel the miracle of salvation in such a generation as ours?

How can we turn the complex reality of life into a decided victory against Amalek?

And other varied topics of interest…

Breslov Research Institute (BRI) presents a special program where you can watch authentic lessons from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s teachings.

Not for nothing  Rebbe Noson zal screamed that he can feel Amalek holding an axe over our heads;

Not for nothing did Rebbe Nachman zal emphasize the power and obligation of dancing and joy;

Special and diverse lessons from the greatest Rabbis and leaders of the Breslov Chassidim.  Share this with your family and friends, and this year let us all rejoice with all our strength and fulfill the mitzvah of the day!

And in addition…

A special treat!….

You can download without charge the special tefilos for Purim from Likutei Tefilos!

“How to attain the miracles of Purim this year” – by Reb Chaim Kramer

“The power of Purim”- by Rav Elchonon Tauber

“Who Is Responsible for My Happiness” – by Rabbi Yonatan Rietti

“The devotions (avodah) of Purim are more difficult than the devotions of Yom Kippur”- by Rav Shlomo Katz

“Purim preparations”- by Reb Meir Elkabas

With Gratitude to HaShem for this special project I’d like to wish all of you A Happy Purim,  and we should always be Happy!!!