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Accessing Rebbe Nachman’s Teachings to the New Generation!!

by breslov.org
The new way to listen and make Rebbe Nachman part of your daily life

Rebbe Nachman spoke highly of the greatness of maintaining a regular Torah study schedule. He taught, “Maintaining a Torah study regimen is greater even than fulfilling all the mitzvot” Rebbe Nachman also taught, “Every bit of Torah knowledge a person gains…is already considered success for the soul!”

Day By Day: A Daily Dose of Rebbe Nachman, A person could study Rebbe Nachman and Breslov teachings on a daily basis, completing entire books in the course of a year.

A selection of works that is not overwhelming for a daily dose, but are interesting and engaging so that the reader will gain something every day.

On the morning commute… during the lunch break… and into the night, Jews everywhere can be seen immersed in a sefer, eager to leave the hustle and bustle of daily life to connect with higher truths.

Yet in today’s day and age, it has become much more convenient to swap a physical book for an audiobook/podcast.

Reb Noson writes that the month of Shevat – being the 11th month – is propitious for subduing evil and allowing for new breakthroughs in holiness.

It is no wonder that many amazing things have started in Breslov history in this special month:

  • The birth of Reb Noson (Tu B’Shevat)
  • The opening of the printing press in Reb Noson’s house
  • The first gathering by Rebbe Nachman’s grave after his passing (Erev Rosh Chodesh Shevat, 1811)
  • And many other amazing things…

It is or greatest honor, joy, gratitude to Hashem and yearning to now bring the Rebbe’s teachings to the most accessible level possible to those of us who thirst for his teachings – but in a practical and usable level which match the technological needs and “comfort zone” of our new 21st century generation.

Starting on Tu B’Shevat we will be launching our first set of daily podcasts on Rebbe Nachman’s teachings.

Using the Breslov texts presented in our Day by Day series, there will be 10 separate podcasts – each on a different Breslov book, using the Tu B’Shevat date as the starting point.

For those interested in doing all 10 books – there will be an all-inclusive 11th daily podcast.

Shevat – the 11th month – is such a fitting time to start these 11 podcasts!!

Here’s the website link

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