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Last Chance To Make Rebbe Nachman Part of Each Day

by breslov.org

We are pleased to announce that one of our most extensive, substantial and unique projects – DAY BY DAY – which allows readers to study ten major books by Rebbe Nachman in daily increments, completing all the works in one year, has finally been completed, and the material is ready for printing.

Yes, from now on, anyone can master all of Rebbe Nachman’s principal teachings with a short investment of time each day.  All that’s missing are partners for this amazing project!

Please help us print this wonderful work that will enhance Rebbe Nachman’s studies for Jews worldwide, making it available and accessible to everyone!

It is certainly a most outstanding honor and zechut to bring this about. We invite you to honor and remember your loved ones by sponsoring a day, a week, or more according to your means. In return, anyone who studies Rebbe Nachman’s work at those times will increase your own merits exponentially!

The upcoming Shavuot holiday is the most appropriate time to spread the study of Torah. By assisting in the publication of DAY BY DAY, you will ensure that Rebbe Nachman’s unique Torah wisdom will be studied on a daily basis for years to come!

Click here to choose the parashah or day that interests you, and become a part of the worldwide dissemination of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings.  We can only do this with your help, to realize this dream and turn it into reality!


In this merit, may Hashem shower you with blessing and success in all your endeavors. Amen!

Chaim Kramer
Founder, Breslov Research Institute


Click here to download day one of this series 
See what your dedication will look like.

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