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The New Way To Make Rebbe Nachman Part Of Your Daily Life

by Yossi Katz

“When the study of my works spreads
around the world, it’s a sign of
the beginning of the redemption!”
Rebbe Nachman

Day by Day: Start your day with Rebbe Nachman
In just 20 minutes a day you’ll complete all of Breslov’s 10 major texts in one year.


Thirteen Volumes, Fifteen Pioneers—and You!

On June 19th several hundred Breslover Chassidim from across America gathered in Brooklyn, NY for BRI’s “Gala with Rebbe Nachman”, where BRI’s founder, Reb Chaim Kramer announced the Day by Day learning program. Guests were so inspired that many of them stood up and immediately made dedications and offered financial support.

Now is your chance to join them.

Help bring Day by Day to the printing press and the English-speaking world.

It’s easy—dedicate a month, week or day in honor or memory of a loved one’s special time, birthday, yartzeit, etc.

We invite you to join us NOW so that together we can make every day next year, day by day, so much more precious and uplifting, Amen.

You’ll learn all these Breslov books in just one year!

Daf HaYomi—A Breslov Idea?

Ninety five years ago, the great Rav Meir Shapiro of Lublin created Daf HaYomi, (Page of the Day), the Talmud learning program which revolutionized the Jewish world. Since then, every seven and a half years, hundreds of thousands of Torah students and others from around the world completed study of the entire Talmud—a monumental achievement.

Interestingly, it has been suggested that the great Rav Meir Shapiro might have taken his inspiration from his Breslov students who, following Rebbe Nachman’s advice (Wisdom #76), would constantly plow their way through the great Torah classics until they completed them, and would then begin all over again.

Thirteen years ago in Israel, Hebrew speaking Breslov students began their own daily cycle, Chok Breslov—the Day by Day Breslov study program. This phenomenal program has helped tens of thousands of students complete every major Breslov work—ten in all—in just one year. We know learning Breslov changes lives—can you imagine the changes learning ten major Breslov texts in one year can bring?

Now, the Breslov Research Institute is making this program available to you and other English-speaking Breslov students in a thirteen-volume, paperback book series. The first four monthly volumes of Day by Day are ready for print and the rest are being prepared as you read this letter.

And there’s more exciting news: Day by Day will be the basis for the first-ever Breslov App.

Dedicate a week or month and receive a complete set of Day by Day. Dedicate a day and receive the book in which your dedication appears.

Watch this short video of Reb Gil Bashe explaining why he was the he first to jump in and sponsor the month of Elul.