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The Quest for G-d & Self – With Mordechai Kaufman

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The Quest for G-d and Self with Mordechai Kaufman

Have you ever asked yourself:

How do I find G-d?

What can I possibly know about G-d?

What does G-d really want from me?

In this intellectual exploration of Breslov thought, BreslovCampus lecturer Mordechai Kaufman discusses how Rebbe Nachman of Breslov turns these questions inward and asks us to ask ourselves:

How can I find G-d if I cannot find myself?

Can I really know something about G-d when I don’t know who
I am?

Do I think I can know what G-d wants of me when I don’t know what I really want for myself?

Breslov teachings help us explore existential questions, leading to a better understanding and knowledge of one’s self and one’s relationship with G-d. Breslov is intensely interested in the individual and teaches each person to relate to G-d as the unique being they are. Via meditative introspection and the conversation known as hitbodedut which we have with G-d, we come to understand our distinctive individuality, which then enables us to confidently reach out to God and look for Him from a position of appreciative self-assessment.
Date: Wednesday, April 6th

Date: Wednesday, April 15th

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