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Chaim Kramer: R. Nachman’s Birthday Message

by Chaim Kramer

Rabbi Chaim Kramer explains how this month and Rebbe Nachman’s birthday teach us how to joyfully live through the Corona Epidemic and the rest of our lives.

Today is Rebbe Nachman’s birthday. During regular times, many thousands visit the Rebbe’s gravesite today. It is believed that a Tzadik has great influence of his birthday.

This year, Uman is empty of Jews.

But we can still connect to the Tzadik through charity.

Please, support poor Breslov families in the Holy Land for Pesach by joining our campaign (www.breslovpesach.com).

The Tzaddik will certainly recognize your self-sacrifice during these trying times and bless you accordingly.

Chodesh Tov!

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