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The Secret To Length of Days

by Chaya Rivka Zwolinski
The Secret To Length of Days

Rebbe Nachman tells us the secret to length of days. In order to ensure that we have arichat yamim, (length of days/long life), we first need to become more aware of each day, each hour, and even each moment. When we’re aware of the time we’ve been given, we can take a portion of that time and pack it full of holiness.

For example, let’s say you’re awake for 18 hours a day. During every single one of those hours, you can dedicate 30 seconds or 60 seconds (or more).

Take those seconds and choose to do a mitzvah with that time. Give tzedakah, pray, help someone out, say a blessing over what you’re eating. Little by little, you’ll pack your moments with mitzvot, spiritually uplifting thoughts and actions.

If you’re determined enough and you stick to it for a while, you’ll see this becomes easier. Eventually, with every hour, you’ll discover that each hour feels longer. Each day feel longer, too. Your time becomes richer, fuller.

This is the secret to long life. When every day is filled with more holiness than the day before, you will be blessed with length of days.

Today’s lesson is dedicated to Shulamit Michal bas Etel. 

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