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The Silent Scream – The Three Weeks

by Ozer Bergman
The Silent Scream - The Three Weeks

Well, apropos of life in general and The Three Weeks in particular, I want to share Rabbeinu zal’s teaching about the kol demamah dakah, the small, silent voice. (Yes, I know I translate it differently later.) This will be new to some and a review for others. It’s a good tool to have and a practice worth practicing. Rabbeinu zal used it. This piece is Sichot HaRan/Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom, #16.

Know! It is possible to scream extremely loudly in a “small still voice” (1 Kings 19:12) without anyone hearing a thing, for one emits no sound at all. The scream is simply a “small still voice.”


Anyone can do this. One pictures in his mind the exact sound of a scream, down to its tone One can enter this till he is literally screaming with this soundless “small still voice.” Yet no one will hear you.


This is not a figment of the imagination at all, but a genuine scream. Just as some channels bring the sound from the lungs to your lips, there are narrower channels from the lungs to the brain. One can draw the sound through the channels leading to the brain, till he forms in his mind an actual scream. Picturing the scream in one’s mind is a scream in the mind. One can scream loudly with others present and no one will hear a thing.


Sometimes some slight sound may escape. Some of the sound intended for the mind-channels may slip into the vocal-channels, but only slightly.


It is much easier to scream this way without words. If one wants to express words, it is much more difficult to direct the voice to the mind without letting any sound escape. Without words it is much easier.

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