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The Song of The Tzaddik Can Be Heard Around the World

by Dovid Mark

Tonight is the histalkus, passing of Rebbe Nachman. Despite the Rebbe not being here in the physical, he is perhaps more clearly felt now than ever before.  His light shines into the darkest places in the world.  His niggun, song can be heard in the farthest reaches embedded within the consciousness of Creation itself.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that the Tzaddik’s niggun, his song,  has the power to bring even the furthest yid back from disconnection and aimlessness. In fact, this niggun is so enmeshed within the will of the Creator it has a power unrivaled within Creation.

This song of redemption, this frequency of teshuva, return and the Tzaddik himself in many ways are one and the same concept.  The Tzaddik’s histalkus is merely a transformational stage where he can be released from his earthly confinement. In a sense, he becomes the very song he released on the earth when he was alive. It is this song we are after.  It is part of us and part of the Creation –  binding our souls to the deeper source of the Creation,.

Can we let go and follow the path of Rebbe Nachman ?

Can we become so subsumed by the Tzaddik’s niggun –  his frequency that we too become unlocked?

The answer comes down to attaching ourself to the Tzaddik and his message. When we do this we carry the power of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings into the deepest and darkest places and light them up for good.

All of have stories.

All of us are on a journey back to ourselves in hopes that find our nekudah, point of authenticity without the layers of falsehood that so often surround us.  For this we have the Tzaddik – the guide Rebbe Nachman, whose song draws us forward and gathers us in.

                                                                                                                                  (Based on Likutey Moharan 64)       



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