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The “Stories” Project

by Sarah Nechama
The "Stories" Project

“When the Rebbe (of blessed memory) began telling stories, he said, ‘I am now beginning to tell stories’ (ich vell shoin an-heiben maasios der-tzeilen).

“His intent was as if to say, ‘[I must tell stories] because my lessons and conversations are not having any effect in bringing you back to God.’

“All his life, he made great effort to bring us close to God, but when all this did not help, he began to engage in telling stories.” (Excerpt from the Introduction of Rebbe Nachman’s Stories)

* * *

Almost 40 years ago, we did a revolutionary thing and had Rebbe Nachman’s holy Sippurei Maasiyot translated into English by the great Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, o.b.m..

In order to make the work even more understandable and accessible, we added Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan’s commentary at the bottom.

This is our #1 bestseller!

Just as everyone understands that it is very difficult to read from a siddur that was printed 40 years ago, so too is the design and layout of Rebbe Nachman’s Stories that is published today.

Therefore, we’ve now decided to reprint the book with clearer text and other improvements to make it more user-friendly- Re-edited and up-to-date, modern pagination!

Click here and see this text sample to appreciate what we are attempting to do.

In addition, for the first time, we will be translating Rabbi Kaplan’s unique and sorely needed commentary into Hebrew, with the hope that with Hashem’s help, it will become the number one bestseller among Hebrew-speakers as well.

We are sure that you are just as excited as we are!

We’re currently offering a variety of Patron and Benefactor options for the great merit of partnering with this unique, inspiring project.

What is still available is marked in the white tables.

What has already been purchased is marked in the gray tables.

Each option is sold only once!

Click here to see what’s still available.

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