Moshe was with the Jewish people every step of the way in the wilderness. He was able to pray to Hashem and effect forgiveness for us for their transgression of building the Golden Calf. He loved each and every Jew so much that he was even willing to stand up to Hashem to defend them.

Moshe and the true tzaddikim have the unique capacity to zoom in on each Jewish person’s good point, their nekudah tovah, and to look away from any flaws, the mistakes people make, even willful transgressions, etc. The tzaddikim have such a love for Hashem and such a love for Hashem’s children that they offer up only the goodness about them in their prayers to Hashem.

This is why every person should have a relationship with the true tzaddikim.

The holy tzaddikim have so much to teach us. They teach us that each of us is a portion of Hashem, and beloved by Him. They teach us that we should focus on the good in others and the good in ourselves. When we do, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. When we notice the mitzvot we do, when we notice the positive character traits that we have developed, when we notice our kindnesses, our dedication, our commitment, all the negative tends to diminish and the positive tends to grow.

May you have a day in which you embrace and celebrate your good points and may you build on them.

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Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

Chaya Rivka in her own words: What do we want? To feel less pain and more optimism. To be happy and lead meaningful lives. This all requires healthy relationships. If we learn, share, and live his teachings, Rebbe Nachman gives us real, practical tools to improve all our relationships—with G-d, with ourselves, and with each other. Chaya Rivka Zwolinski “discovered” Rebbe Nachman in her late thirties and credits his profound wisdom with helping her make a 180 degree-turn in life. She loves sharing Breslov teachings with women in her classes and workshops. Chaya Rivka has written books; writes articles for,,, and numerous other publications; is a consultant to Breslov Research Institute; and is the director of curriculum and program marketing at She lives with her family in Brooklyn, NY.

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