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The Wisdom Within Everything

by Yehudis Golshevsky

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…




“A Jewish person must always seek out the wisdom within everything, and bind himself to this wisdom so that it can shine for him and help him to draw closer to G-d through the means of each and every thing.”
(Likutei Moharan I:1)

What does this mean to me?




This is from the opening lesson of Rebbe Nachman’s master work, and it urges us to develop a new kind of vision while navigating through this world.
Every single person, place, thing, experience and situation is animated by the Divine intelligence that organizes and vitalizes the universe. This means that there is a spark of G-dliness within absolutely everything, and if I focus my mind on this—that’s spiritual vision—I will find that everything is constantly reminding me of G-d and teaching me about another way in which I can bind myself to G-d.

When Rabbi Akiva saw drops of water penetrating stone, it broke his heart open to begin to learn Torah even though he was an ignoramus in middle age. He didn’t just look at the water and the stone; he saw the message it was broadcasting, and that message had the power to draw him closer to G-d. If we pay close attention to His world, we will find that G-d has a great deal to tell us.

A prayer:




Dear G-d,
please help me to see the light of Your wisdom
that animates everything in the world,
so that I can bind myself to You
through everything that exists.
Then I will be worthy of understanding
the messages that you are sending me
through each of those things
to call me back closer to You.

(From Likutei Tefillot I:90)

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I wanted to thank you for this message. I had an very difficult day at work yesterday and have been thinking about the lesson of Azamra on my drive home. I was finding it hard to even look for the “good points”.

When I opened your the email this morning regarding Azamra, I realized that I had to continue to keep looking and that Hashem was sending me a message. Thank you for being the messenger.
N. H.

It pays to compartmentalize ones faults. Put them away in a corner of your mind and dwell on the good Mitzvah oriented self.

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