This Can Be Your Best Year Ever!

The big event, the crowning of Hashem as King over the entire world, is just a week away. This calls for some majorly positive vibes. Excitement, gratitude, hopefulness, and joy come to mind. Because personally, if I were the King, the above are definitely some of the emotions I would expect to see expressed by my citizenry at my coronation.

Imagine the King arriving at His coronation, surveying his wonderful and devoted people, only to find so many of them filled with anxiety, fear, overwhelm and hopelessness. That would for sure put a damper on the whole thing, don’t you think?

If I were the King, the above are definitely some of the emotions I would expect to see expressed by my citizenry at my coronation!

So, I am doing a few things this week to make sure I will be in the right mood for this huge, holy, uplifting two-day extravaganza:


I will be attending some of the slichos prayers in Jerusalem with a good friend of mine. The special, old world atmosphere that infuses a lot of the slichos prayers in the Jerusalem synagogues has been known to uplift and transform like no other.


This one is big. It is so important to show and tell Hashem that you recognize and are so grateful for all the good that He has bestowed upon you. I’ve noticed from personal experience, that when I do the opposite, more things to complain about tend to pop up…. I am therefore creating a year’s end gratitude list filled with all of the amazing blessings and kindnesses bestowed upon me and my family. Thank God, it’s quite long and I keep adding to it as more and more things come to mind. As I review it, I am blown away by how much good, and especially how many freebees Hashem has granted me this year.

Hopefulness and joy

I am creating a focused list of my hopes and dreams for this coming year. As I am creating it, I am optimistic and even joyous about it because looking at my gratitude list from this past year, I can see that so many things I was hoping for came to fruition. Furthermore, wonderful things that I couldn’t even imagine getting at the beginning of last year also came to be. What I mean by a “focused list” is that I am writing down just one or two words for each subject matter, to remind me of the whole story behind it. Kind of like a reminder list, not the whole megillah. I have the whole megillah written down in my notebook. This list is just to super focus me this week.

This can be your best year ever! Return to God, add the right mood to the mix, and continue to work on becoming the most fully activated, conscious servant of Hashem that you can be. Wishing you a sweet new year and may you achieve all of your personal, financial, health and spiritual goals this year, beyond anything you could ever have imagined. Amen.