This Year, Stop Poisoning Yourself

This Year, Stop Poisoning Yourself

How does the saying go? New year, new you, right? One simple thing I highly recommend you focus on, is to stop poisoning yourself!

Shana Tova ladies! I hope you had a wonderful Rosh Hashana. How does the saying go? New year, new you, right? This year, investing in your physical health could not be more important. The world’s transformed and we need energy and clarity of mind in order to deal with it, move forward and be our best.

One simple thing I highly recommend you focus on, starting today, is to stop poisoning yourself. I know… it sounds dramatic. But it’s true and it is in your hands only to slow down and decrease the poisoning. We ladies need to lead the cause since we’re usually the one’s feeding our families.

So, let’s put aside the medical establishment for a second since while it has its place, real health is not about surgery and medicine. Nor is it about making a profit (did you know that sickness is the number one money maker in the world?). Let’s take a look at what is going on in real time.

What do I mean by “poisoning”? It all begins with pregnancy and birth being treated as a dangerous medical procedure. Once the baby comes, immediately or perhaps a few months into their new life, he/she is subjected to baby formula, medicine, and processed foods like jarred baby food and cereal, all of which contain pesticides, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride, artificial sweeteners, and MSG. They will drink water with chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. And they will be bathed and cleaned with soap, shampoo and toothpaste that contain toxic chemicals.

I know… it sounds dramatic. But it’s true and it is in your hands only to slow down and decrease the poisoning!

Yup, that is how we’ve been starting life for the past 50 years or so and it doesn’t stop at babyhood. Over the years, these toxic concoctions coagulate the blood and acidify the body’s internal environment, negatively affecting your cells, glands, and organs. This leads to aging before your time, exhaustion, illness, brain fog and more.

At some point, we have to face the fact that a lot of foods, products and procedures out there are actually poisoning us. And it’s not getting any better. It actually seems to be getting worse quite frankly. Yes, I know all of the above have been approved by this government agency or another, but the bottom line is that there is more sickness and subpar health in the world today than ever before.

This new year, we are not going to rely on government agencies and the like for our health. This year, we are going to do better. You can FEEL and LOOK and THINK better starting Today. This year is about next-level taking care of yourself. It’s time to get vigilant. I have some ideas as to how to proceed. You do not have to do everything. Pick what is doable and let’s go!

Buy organic food. Prepare simple, one-ingredient, wholesome food. Drink pure water only. Drink herbal teas that focus on stomach-soothing, adrenal regeneration, kidney filtration and colon cleansing. Use the natural lifestyle habits and healing elements gifted to us by God: air, water, sunshine, sleep, fasting, relaxing, praying, gratitude, stretching, moving, walking, living simply.

Ditch the ice coffee and buy some greens to put in your smoothie. Put down your phone, go get a massage. Eat out less, spend more time in solitude and silence. Switch the synthetic vitamins for probiotics. Jump on the trampoline with your kids. Pray – a lot. Talk to God. Write down your thoughts and insights. Try doing some of these things in the park, by a stream or a beach, or on a mountain since nature heals and concrete depletes.

We are living in a time when health must be earned. You have to actually show up and do what you can to stop poisoning yourself. Put the rat race on the backburner and work on perfecting your health and yourself right now.

Forgiveness, understanding, prayer, purifying of the heart, loving kindness, and giving tzedakah are some of the most powerful keys to healing and improving everything. And they are actually a lot easier to do when the body is clean and purified. Let’s go!