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To Believe in Oneself

by breslov.org

Reb Noson would often teach that each person must believe in oneself, no matter what lowly spiritual level they find themselves. God wants him and yearns for his prayers and praise; because this is God’s ultimate truth!

King David declared, “I will also thank you for your truth with a stringed instrument, my God…” (Psalm 71:22) [Reb Noson would paraphrase,] “Master of the Universe, such is your truth that even I will also praise You! Even in my insignificant and lowly stature, still You want me to praise You – for such is Your truth! (Quoted from Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Bender)

The Hebrew words kli nevel mentioned in the verse above, which usually means a stringed instrument, can also be translated as a withered and ugly vessel. This means that even with my perceived impure and unholy spiritual vessels, it is Your will and truth that I still endlessly thank you.  

~ Otzer Nachmani, Volume I, 51, (Page 62)

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