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Twin With Your Creator

by Yehudis Golshevsky
Twin With Your Creator

Sivan #1

The astrological sign associated with Sivan is the twins, or teumim in Hebrew. The deeper works explain that the “twinning”—which implies duality and its possibility of conflict—actually points toward the unification of two separate-seeming realities. It is a basic tenet of Jewish belief that nothing can exist without G-d providing it with vitality. Rebbe Nachman adds that since material reality appears to obscure G-dliness, it makes no sense. G-d instills life-giving energy into everything, and so we should naturally know that He is the foundation of the entire fabric of reality. When we do not feel this truth, it is as if there are two separate states of existence: the material world and God. This is clearly not true. So how can I change my vision and begin to experience G-d from within this place of hiddenness?

When I focus on G-d’s providence, I draw Him into my life and I naturally feel that everything I go through is directly from Him. The verse in psalms compares this to a shadow—“G-d is the shadow upon your right hand.” Our shadow reflects how we move. Similarly, when we move towards G-d, He reciprocates. Instead of a duality, my focus on the “twinning” nature of providence makes me feel that this world is more unified with the Divine all the time. The more effort I exert to insert G-d into my life, the easier it will be for me to live a G-dly life. This is my mission for the month of Sivan: to seek G-d and build a living relationship with Him, by filling my life with deep awareness of His presence at all times. It’s time to “twin” with my Creator.

Dear G-d. Please help me navigate the ups and downs of my life with a deep appreciation of Your kindness and caring at all times. Show me how to connect to Your reality at all times and help me transform the apparent duality into unity. 

מאמרים קשורים

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