To Our Dear Guests & Extended BRI Family,

1. Beds are going fast! We want to make sure that if you are planning on traveling to Uman this year for Rebbe Nachman’s Rosh HaShanah gathering, we will have a comfortable bed waiting for you. There are only a few left, so please use the registration form or email me and I will be glad to take care of your Rosh HaShanah needs.

2. We will be hosting a smaller, private and comfortable (while inspiring) BRI Rosh HaShanah Minyan. Click here to purchase your seat(s).

3. BRI FOOD TENT:  We will have our own quiet, spacious food tent being built just down the road from our hotels. Enjoy delicious food, a great atmosphere of English speaking people, singing, dancing and fantastic speakers. Click here to register if you aren’t signed up for our complete package.

Looking forward to spending a meaningful and life-enhancing Rosh HaShanah together,

Yossi Katz

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Yossi Katz

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