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Uman Yeshiva & Breslov English Siddur Updates

by breslov.org

Dearest Friends of Rebbe Nachman,

The annual Rosh Hashanah gathering in Uman is around the corner!  For the first time ever, the Breslov Research Institute (BRI) headquarters – fondly called the Ritz Carton (sic) – will be home to hours of English-language study sessions Tuesday and Wednesday.  The Uman Kollel will feature lectures by many of the greatest US- and Israel-based Breslov English-speaking teachers, as well as time for private conversation. An online sign-up will soon be available on the www.breslov.org website – please check for updates.

A few weeks ago, you received a mailing announcing the first-ever English language Breslov Siddur.  B”H, the response to the request for donations and dedications has been very strong – corresponding to your spiritual desire to have access to Rebbe Nachman’s wisdom and inspiration while expressing thoughts and hopes in prayer.

Right now, the first of the three volumes is nearing completion and will be published in the months ahead.  Owing to the depth of thought Rabbeinu z”l placed on the importance of personal conversation with G-D; as well as the volume of commentary available – the three-volumes are “the Daily Prayers”, “Shabbat and Festivals” and one entire book dedicated to explaining every facet of the prayers. Each of the two siddurim will feature brief inspirational insights on every page.

Happily, we have raised more than two-thirds of the funds needed for translation, typesetting and printing.  That said, we need your assistance in completing our fund-raising effort of $30,000 in order to keep an efficient timetable and publish all three volumes during the same time period.  Your contributions go directly to this effort!  It’s hard to believe that with almost 70 titles in print, almost all our effort is voluntary – the mission to provide access to one of great spiritual guides – inspires many of our translators and global team to make this a labor of commitment and love – lishmah!

At this time, there are fewer than 30 prayers available for dedication at varied sponsorship levels, and we hope you will feel and act generously to complete this work.

The prayers are hyperlinked to our donation page, so that you can participate and make a tax-deductible donation in order to be part of this monumental spiritual endeavor that will inspire and bring people closer to the Source.

$500 Level (Includes your personal dedication, as well as a special edition leather bound Siddur)

Opening Blessing of Pesukei D’Zimra – Baruch She’Amar

Praise of G-d’s Power / Gavurot

Sanctification of the Name / Kedushat ha-Shem

Repentence / Teshuva

Forgiveness / Slicha

Blessing for Years of Plenty / Birkat HaShanim

Ingathering of the Exiles / Galuyot

Restoration of Justice / Birkat HaDin

Destruction of Our Enemies / Birkat HaMinim

Support of the Righteous / Tzadikim

Coming of the Messiah / Birkat David

Prayer of Thanksgiving / Hoda’ah

Song of the Day

Ten Commandments

Blessing on a Snack

Grace After Meals for a Sheva Brachot

Blessings on Mitzvot

$1000 Level (Includes your personal dedication, as well as a deluxe special edition leather bound Siddur)

Blessings on the Tallit

Morning Blessings


Kaddish D’Rabanan

Priestly Blessing

Kaddish Titkabel

Redemption of the First Born

Counting the Omer

$1800 Level (Includes your personal dedication, as well as a deluxe special edition leather bound Siddur)


$2000 level (Includes your personal dedication, as well as a deluxe special edition leather bound Siddur)

Torah Reading

$2500 Level (Includes your personal dedication, as well as a deluxe special edition leather bound Siddur)

Evening Prayer/Ma’ariv

Tikkun HaKlali

My thanks to the wonderful members of our BRI community for your commitment to making the powerful teaching of Rebbe Nachman available to tens of thousands of people.  Please continue to reach out to us with suggestions, interest in starting study groups and questions about the Rosh Hashanah gathering in Uman, Ukraine etc…

We have more exciting news along the way…work is in progress to translate Psalms, Likutey Halachot and people are asking us for more!  With your help and support we will continue along the journey together!

Yasher Koach Gadol,

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Steve Goldbetg May 22, 2014 - 8:14 pm

It really would be wonderful if it included the prayer for the stste of Isreal and the prayer for IDF soldiers. I have been to Uman,learn Rabbenus Torah and believe its all from HaShem and for the best. I have children in the IDF snd for me as a Breslover Chasid would really love to see these prayers included.. I believe that Rabbenu is an advocate for our country and Army.


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